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About Me


My love affair with photography started at age 10 when I took first place in my dad’s company picnic photo contest with a Kodak Brownie. That got me hooked.

Interest waxed and waned as I moved from camera to camera, too distracted by work and other interests to really develop my photographic skills.  In retirement and with digital cameras, the passion has been rekindled. 

Over the years my given name (which means “wanderer’” in German) has spurred me to explore six continents.  I travel light and feel the best camera is the one that  fits in my shirt pocket.

Getting the most out of this little camera is what drives me.  It may be a fantastic shot of Mount Hood from a commercial jet, or a boy popping giant soap bubbles in the park.

The thrill is sharing my discoveries and perhaps bringing you a different perspective on something that has always been in plain sight.  

I like to digitally alter my photos with post production software.  An Amsterdam canal scene rendered as a tinted drawing or a historical bridge in monochrome are good examples.

This process yields images closer to my mind’s eye than that simply captured by the camera.


                                               Hope you enjoy my visions!    -   “Wes”