Hey Guys!

Hey everyone, I am Wes, and I wanted to get a post up even though the website is still in its infancy. This will be my blogging website and I will mainly be talking about the main love in my life, television. I work away from my family for decent stretches of time and sometimes the only comfort I have after work is smashing out a few episodes of whichever show I am currently into. It has helped me get through some tough times. This blog will not just be about television shows though, I will also be talking about a few other things that happen throughout my life, my home and work life. Everything I will be writing about will just be my personal opinion for the most part. I do not know how many people will be reading this but that will not stop me trying to put out some quality reviews and stories.

Anyway, like I said I just wanted to do a small introduction post. I hope you enjoy yourself.