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My name is Wesley Rockman and I am an avid television and film lover, when I’m not at work or spending some quality time with my family I absolutely love vegging out in front of the television. My family enjoys to watch with me, they may not be as passionate as me but it seems like we always have a good time together! Hopefully they aren’t just humouring me. I’ve always enjoyed talking about my favourite films and shows, sometimes its hard to find someone that wants to talk about the same things as me! So I decided to start a blog site where I can record some of my thoughts, if I manage to get a few followers on here that would be great but I think it will be fun to practise my writing regardless.


“My day is usually quite hectic. When I get the chance to relax in front of my favourite shows it relaxes me greatly. My wife and I enjoy the occasional glass of wine curled up together, it really is our place of personal bliss”

Crisis at Wes’

Hey everyone, sorry this post is a bit off topic, ok well its a lot off topic. It’s only going to be a short one and I am only able to post this thanks to the guys at West Australian Plumbing. They saved me from a bit of a crisis at my house this morning. I can at least say that it is related to television in that it happened while I was watching an episode of Mad Men (yes I know I was late to pick it up), I had just finished my shift and gone home. I was trying to unwind as I had just finished a night shift and was going to watch for a bit before I went to sleep. Suddenly I hear a loud noise which woke me right up, turns out one of my pipes had burst in my wall.I was very flustered but luckily I have a mate who is a plumber and I rang him straight away. His work is great and they work hard and fast. It really suprised me how quickly he restored my house to working order. He quickly told me to go shut off the water which I did, then he came over and sorted it all out.

I know for a fact that that he is always this thorough with all his customers, he wanted to give me a discounted rate but I told him I would pay his full rate because it is very reasonable. He treats his customers very well, now if only Don would treat Betty a bit better on Mad Men …

Westworld Season 2: Huh?

I recently watched through season two of Westworld with my partner, and I have to say that I was confused pretty much from start to finish. I would find myself trying to keep up with what was going on and a lot of time it would take me 10 plus minutes to piece a few things together. Overall I enjoyed the experience and I would recommend it but I am left feeling that they tried a little too hard to be confusing at times. I understand that it was by design, and I am by no means saying that I am the smartest person in the universe, but if I was struggling to the extent I was, there must have been others out there that were also very confused.

Too many arcs:

Throughout the episodes of season two, there were so many different storylines developing that it became a big old mess, there was Dolores, Maeve, Bernard and they were all off doing their own thing. The Man in Black and his newly revealed daughter, Charlotte was off doing something shady on the side it was chaos. I would be trying to piece together one of the storylines and then a new bombshell would drop! Do not get me wrong, it was captivating. I was confused, oh so confused but I was also very intrigued as to how it was all going to play out. The final episode itself didn’t even bring me all that much clarity, leaving me scouring the web looking for answers. Is Dolores dead? Who did she smuggle out? Why would she bring back Bernard when he is going to be trying to stop her plan. She has decided to take everything from the humans and in the end, she has lost almost everything she cared about. We will have to wait until season three to see if her crusade will be worth it if it will make her happy in the long run. Ashley Stubbs obviously knows more than we do, he knew what Dolores was trying to do and he was the main reason she got out right at the end of the episode and made it to the real world. What is in store for her? We shall see.

You guys are probably thinking that I am just some stupid guy who obviously just didn’t understand whats going on, I’d argue that you probably haven’t watched the show then. I have read through a lot of other people talking about this season of Westworld and it is a pretty common sentiment along the way. Overall I would still recommend the show to anyone who enjoys a good drama.

I rate it a 4.1/5. Give it a watch, maybe you’ll be smarter than me.



Hey Guys!

Hey everyone, I am Wes, and I wanted to get a post up even though the website is still in its infancy. This will be my blogging website and I will mainly be talking about the main love in my life, television. I work away from my family for decent stretches of time and sometimes the only comfort I have after work is smashing out a few episodes of whichever show I am currently into. It has helped me get through some tough times. This blog will not just be about television shows though, I will also be talking about a few other things that happen throughout my life, my home and work life. Everything I will be writing about will just be my personal opinion for the most part. I do not know how many people will be reading this but that will not stop me trying to put out some quality reviews and stories.

Anyway, like I said I just wanted to do a small introduction post. I hope you enjoy yourself.